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PEAK Grantmaking

Listening to Stakeholders: Focus on Nonprofit User Experience

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As traditional grantmaking practices are being up-ended with the global pandemic and renewed energy around racial, social, and economic justice, what’s taking tech so long to catch up?  

In this four-part Philanthropy, Tech & Equity series, PEAK, TAG, GrantAdvisor, and Grantbook investigate how philanthropy can leverage technology to drive equitable grantmaking practices and build a social justice movement, step by step: Start with community. Understand the context. Apply an equity lens. Develop a shared vision. 

This series takes secret (and not-so-secret) accidental techies, data nerds, and tech futurists alike on a learning journey around philanthropy, technology, and equity.

Session 1: Listening to Stakeholders: 

The first key principle of social justice work: Start with community. The series kicks off by hearing from the primary beneficiaries of philanthropy tech – nonprofits. GrantAdvisor, an anonymous tool where nonprofits can leave feedback for their funders, has been tracking what they really think about your online systems – and it’s not all awesome. They have some lived experience to share. We also hear from a grantmaker who listened – and did something about it!


Kari Aanestad
Co-Director, GrantAdvisor




James Law
Director, Innovation & Business Development, Grantbook




Rhonda McGee
Information Systems Manager, Kalamazoo Community Foundation