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PEAK Grantmaking

The Evolving Role of Grants Management

The workshop was a joint program of PEAK Mideast and Grantmakers of Western Pennsylvania (GWP).

The role and function of grants management continues to evolve in organizations across the philanthropic sector, especially in response to current events. As a grants management professional, you are performing new roles, broadening your responsibilities, and expanding your impact throughout your organization. This time of rapid change requires you to develop new skills, communicate differently, and look ahead to the future.

Speakers discuss the evolution of the grants management model, the current state of grantmaking operations in your organization, and how you can reach the next level of effectiveness.

Learn how to

  • audit your individual role and current stage in the grants management evolution model;
  • create strategies to advance your organization to the next stage in the evolution model;
  • develop professional development plans for your career growth; and
  • promote the benefits of change to your organization’s leadership

Sara Sanders
Membership Director, PEAK Grantmaking




Altinay Cortes
Chapter Manager,  PEAK Grantmaking




Dolores Estrada
Chief Operating Officer, PEAK Grantmaking