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PEAK Grantmaking

The Woodstock Effect

Organization Members Only

What does this iconic 1969 cultural event have to teach us about the fundamentals of exceptional community development focused on people, championing diversity, evoking philanthropy, and nurturing sustainable advocacy? All communities originate with people. People advance ideas and actions. They commune and relate. They challenge and encourage. And communities thrive when there is a shared sense of purpose that brings people together. But purpose alone is insufficient to nurture and grow a community and its philanthropic response. For four days in August 1969, a remarkable community was unexpectedly formed in the fields of a New York dairy farm. People felt allied to one another. They felt appreciated and wanted through the sharing of resources. They built trustworthy connections that made them feel secure. It is an iconic moment that encapsulates the values of 1960s counterculture. It showcased the power that community has on diversity and equity. And it stands as a case for us in studying five elements that will drive sustainable philanthropy for nonprofits.

In this session, participants will be able to identify and articulate the ‘why’ behind the five elements of a sustainable community, identify and develop meaningful and measurable aspects of their community, and learn how to work together with organizational leaders and the community to align goals enhancing community experience to grow engagement with the organization.


Sondra Lintelmann-Dellaripa
Harvest Development Group, LLC

Scott Selig
Vice President of Business Development
Harvest Development Group

Alice-Anne Harwood