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PEAK Grantmaking

Demonstrate Your Market Value as a Grants Management Professional

As a grants management professional, you play a critical, highly influential role in achieving philanthropic impact, but do you know your market value?

PEAK Grantmaking has codified your profession through the Grants Management Professional Competency Model, with a standardized set of 14 competencies that clearly define the profession of grants management – no matter the job title you currently hold. Leaders in philanthropy are taking notice and using the Model to evaluate staffing needs, make changes to structure, and even restructure grantmaking process throughout the entire organization. Your peers are using it to self-evaluate to plan their professional development and advance their careers, both in their current positions and in considering their next career move.

Market value in a profession combines experience and expertise to aid in salary determination. By knowing your value, you gain leverage in managing your salary increase and promotion requests. PEAK Grantmaking has the tools to help you prepare for those critical conversations and decisions. Let’s get started!

Benchmark your salary.
The latest PEAK Grantmaking salary study, to be released in January 2020, will establish the current market value of the grants management role by foundation type and size, region, and metropolitan area. Build this knowledge base to support your own career, and your peers.

Benchmark your job description.
Titles only give you some of the information you need and, in some cases, nothing at all. Use the Grants Management Professional Competency Model to evaluate and compare your job description to what the profession has established as the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to be successful in your job. Explore the PEAK Grantmaking job board to see what other foundations are looking for.

Evaluate the less tangibles.
While competency in your role is key to your professional success, so too are attributes like attitude, trust, commitment and values that align with your organization. Identify your less-tangible (but equally valuable) attributes and prepare to articulate how they benefit the team, organization, and mission.

Look internally.
If you’re seeking a promotion or comparing your current title to others in your organization, it’s likely that your organization has established titles to designate levels of accountability. Find the one you want and learn how to get to the next level.

Refer to your past performance evaluations.
Use your previous performance evaluations to directly tie your achievements in achieving organization goals to demonstrating your value. A high-performing employee is harder to replace than a low-performing one.

Ask your peers.
PEAK Grantmaking has perhaps the most knowledgeable and supportive membership network in the field. (We are a bit biased!). Reach out to a colleague in our CONNECT online community to ask them about their career journey and their advice.And finally…

Ask for what you want.
Set a time to talk with your supervisor about your goals for career development and advancement. Be prepared to back up your request (leveraging the recommendations above). Use the data you gathered to make your case for requesting professional development support or receiving a promotion or title change. If you don’t get what you want right away, know that you have paved the way toward reaching that goal and be dedicated to continually demonstrating your market value.

We recently surveyed hundreds of grants management professionals to share their career challenges, among them: salary and promotion negotiation, career development, succession planning, employee recruitment and retention, and leadership involvement and development.

Our team is hard at work developing tools and resources to aid in your efforts to turn challenges into opportunities and we need your continued input. Share your challenges and victories in CONNECT to get feedback from your peers. Reach out to me directly. I’d love to hear from you about how PEAK Grantmaking can support you in your career!