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EmpowHER: Implementing Sexual Harassment Guidance in the #MeToo Era

In recent years, movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp have created a louder, shared voice against sexual harassment and sexual violence. Functioning in many ways as a space for individuals to come forward and share all-too-painful experiences, often in the workplace, these movements have created a collective (albeit imperfect) space to do the work: to understand individual and shared experience, to hold those who have done and are doing harm publicly accountable for their actions, and to collect, create, and disseminate resources to create change. While the impact of these moments is different for each of us, for me personally, these movements connected me to others who have experienced similar pain, who have felt the disgust and humiliation of workplace harassment, thus opening a new opportunity to for reflection and healing. In my role as Executive Director of a philanthropic organization focused on supporting women, each #TimesUp tweet and every