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PEAK Grantmaking

How to Support Black Professionals Through Philanthropic Culture and Grantmaking Practice

Culture Culture beats strategy every time. When you make an explicit connection between your values and your organizational culture, norms, and practices, you will hire and retain a more diverse staff. Consider these recommendations for developing a more equitable and inclusive organizational culture that clearly demonstrates how you value diversity, equity, and inclusion. Emphasize race equity over diversity Focus on race equity explicitly, emphasizing the structures, roles, processes, and practices that negatively impact people of color inside and outside of organizations, and outlining specific tactics to mitigate them as part of a process to drive race equity within an organization’s culture. Awake to Woke to Work, Equity in the Center Nurture inclusive cultures and professional standards An organization’s board members, executive team, and staff need appropriate training to help them understand potential roadblocks to maintaining staff diversity, and work within their institutions to promote a culture that values the unique