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PEAK Grantmaking

Mentoring for a Seat at the Table

PEAK Grantmaking has long posited that effective grantmaking organizations deliberately connect the “how” of grantmaking to strategy and impact. Though it might sound simple, this goal is difficult to achieve, and few funders have attained it. In a recent survey, only 8 percent of grants management professionals indicated that their job included strategy development. For grants management staff – whose work and expertise is the “how” of grantmaking – it’s been a challenge to gain a seat at the strategy and impact table, since the field at-large frames our profession as an integral but “back-office” function, responsible for implementing but not for making decisions. For Black grants management professionals, this adds another layer to their already-challenging position. Is attaining a seat at this table possible and desirable, considering the various forms of institutional racism and lack of positional power they must overcome? The challenges that Black professionals experience in the