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PEAK Grantmaking

Philanthropy, Tech & Equity: Introducing a new virtual learning series

As traditional grantmaking practices are being up-ended with the global pandemic and renewed energy around racial, social, and economic justice, what’s taking tech so long to catch up?

In Fall 2020, PEAK, Technology Association of Grantmakers, GrantAdvisor, and Grantbook partnered to present a four-part series illuminating how philanthropy can leverage technology to drive equitable grantmaking practices and build a social justice movement, step by step: Start with community. Understand the context. Apply an equity lens. Develop a shared vision. We guaranteed to satisfy secret (and not-so-secret) accidental techies, data nerds, and tech futurists alike as we embarked on a learning journey around philanthropy, technology, and equity!

ICYMI, the series is now available on demand to our Organization Members:

October 13, 2020 

Listening to Stakeholders: Focus on Nonprofit User Experience 

The first key principle of social justice work: Start with community. We’re kicking off the series hearing from the primary beneficiaries of philanthropy tech – nonprofits. GrantAdvisor, an anonymous tool where nonprofits can leave feedback for their funders, has been tracking what they really think about your online systems – and it’s not all awesome. They have some lived experience to share. We’ll also hear from a grantmaker who listened – and did something about it!


  • Kari Aanestad, GrantAdvisor and Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • James Law, Grantbook
  • Rhonda McGee, Kalamazoo Community Foundation


November 5, 2020 

The State of Philanthropy Tech: Understanding the Landscape 

Another key principle in social justice work: Understand the context. Hot off the presses, the Technology Association of Grantmakers’ State of Philanthropy Tech Report is here! Combined with our release of the 2020 Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems, we’ve got experts ready to help you understand and navigate your options in grantmaking systems. Learn about the latest technology practices, tools, and perceptions in philanthropy, DEI practices, and need-to-knows about technology strategy and budget updates due to COVID-19. 


  • Amadie Hart, Tech Impact
  • Wendye Mingo, Kresge
  • Chantal Forster, Technology Association of Grantmakers
  • Chris Worman, TechSoup


November 12, 2020

Equitable Tech: How Technology and Data Impact Equitable Outcomes 

Principle #3 in social justice work: Apply an equity lens. Or, even better, get that equity Lasik. Once we understand our community and the landscape we work within, we need to start asking some tough questions. This thought-leader session will explore all the ways that technology and data can help – or hinder – our equity goals. You’ll walk away with concrete action steps for examining your own technology frame. 


  • TeQuion Brookins, McGregor Fund 
  • Carly Hare, CHANGE Philanthropy
  • Rebecca Van Sickle, 1892 consulting


December 1, 2020

The Future of Tech in Philanthropy: Building a Robust Digital Infrastructure with Technology Association of Grantmakers and the Tech Futurists 

The final key principle for social justice work: Develop a shared vision. But first… let’s get creative. Join Technology Association of Grantmakers and the Tech Futurists (Is that a band? It should be a band!) for a blockbuster series close-out. What could we create together, with user experience and equity at the forefront? How can emerging tech play a role in this new infrastructure and also ensure it is built in an ethical and equitable way? Get prepared for some BIG ideas from this crew! 


  • Sam Caplan, Technology Association of Grantmakers
  • Iara Peng, JustFund Portal
  • Adam Liebling, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation