Michelle Greanias, Executive Director

Email Michelle |  202-329-7670  |  @mgreanias



Dolores Estrada, Chief Operating Officer

Email Dolores |  202-888-2882 |  @london367de





Beverly Barnes, Interim Communications and Marketing Manager

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Contact Beverly with questions about PR, marketing, and communications for PEAK Grantmaking.

Marketing Coordinator – Open

Contact the Marketing Coordinator with questions about marketing tools and resources for PEAK Grantmaking.



Liz Reed1Elizabeth Bicer, Programs and Talent Development Director

Email Liz  |  202-888-7227  |  @lizbicer

Contact Liz with suggestions on hot topics that matter to you now, subject matter experts we need to know, and trends you are seeing in the field.


Sari Headshot 2Sari Houston, Education Programs Manager

Email Sari   |  202-507-2876  |  @Sari4GMN

Contact Sari with questions about annual conference, upcoming webinars or workshops, suggestions on topics for future educational program offerings, subject matter experts we need to know, and trends you are seeing in the field.



carolynsosnowski-march2016Carolyn J. Sosnowski, E-Learning and Content Manager

Email Carolyn |  202-870-0189  |  @TheRealCarolynS

Contact Carolyn with questions about grants management resources; Learn, the source for education content; and Connect, the online discussion community.



Melissa Sines, Programs and Knowledge Director

Email Melissa |  202-296-2489

Contact Melissa with questions about PEAK Grantmaking’s effective practices program and partnerships, or to share your big (or small) ideas to improve the way philanthropy gives.


Catherine E. Schmutz, Membership Director

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Contact Catherine to join PEAK Grantmaking, discuss organizational membership, or support our members.


Sara Sanders, Regional Chapter Manager

Email Sara  | 202-888-5396

Contact Sara with questions about PEAK Grantmaking’s regional chapters, including regional chapter activities, volunteering in the regional chapters, and resources for regional chapter officers.


Clare Larson, Member Relationship Manager

Email Clare  | 202-888.6734

Contact Clare to become an organization member and to learn more about membership services, benefits, resources, and programs.